Your 1st 30 Days

These products are used as part of a complete nutritional program involving Shake Days and Cleanse Days. It represents a simple, flexible and convenient pathway toward:

  • Reducing body weight, body fat, and waist circumference
  • Improving insulin sensitivity and other metabolic markers
  • Reducing oxidative stress
  • Improving heart health by reducing cardiovascular risk factors
  • Promoting a longer life

Why is this system so effective? How do they amaze people with weight loss, muscle building, and more energy? You could say The World Leader in Nutritional Cleansing, Replenishing, and Youthful Aging has a few tricks up its sleeves backed by the science of cleansing, minimised calories, and maximised nutrition.

Most low-calorie diets are strictly catabolic (causing tissue breakdown): fat and muscle break down, hunger is continuous, and feelings of fatigue are normal. Furthermore, these types of diets provide less than optimal nutrition to power the body or quality protein necessary to prevent long-term muscle loss. Micro-nutrient intake falters and cells begin to function less efficiently. Similarly, water (or even juice) fasting is short-term starvation, is catabolic, and puts the body into “slower metabolism” to conserve energy. In addition there are little if any nutrients provided by fasting, including the ones necessary for detoxification and guarding against toxins and oxidative stress.

In contrast, Cleanse Days provide a “jump start” for people so they can take control of their health and see wonderful results. Cleanse Days stimulate reduction of fat deposits that release stored toxins. The smaller the fat cells become, the less pro-inflammatory cytokines (signaling molecules) they produce—further reducing ill effects on the body. Cleanse for Life facilitates a healthier body by encouraging the ellimination of these toxins whether they be endogenous (produced by the body) or exogenous (from our diets or environment). Cleanse Days provide some fuel and nutrients, thus allowing the digestion processes to rest and promoting detoxification in the liver and kidneys.

Shake Days include IsaLean Shake, a nutrient-dense meal with low calories for weight management, but that stimulates protein synthesis, producing an anabolic state. The shake feeds the body whey protein shown to outperform other proteins for satiety (keeping you feeling fuller longer, reducing total amount of calories in later meals), decreasing abdominal and total body fat, and increasing thermogenesis and fat oxidation. The shake also helps restore glutathione levels to youthful levels and fights oxidative stress related to obesity. The healthy meal replacement shakes provide essential vitamins and minerals, often depleted in dieting but necessary to maintain normal cellular activity. In addition, Ionix Supreme, a tonic of adaptogens, helps reduce stress associated with weight loss and helps with the “feel good” effects of our program.

Cleanse Days appear to re-set the “food intake” center within our brains since data show less food is eaten the following day after food is restricted. Various enzymes are activated that are beneficial to health. Mitochondria are shown to increase in number and become more efficient with lowering oxidative stress, which mimics results seen in mice following calorie restriction diets. Sirtuin, the enzyme found in various species shown to extend life, may also be activated. Of course, fat is mobilized and used for fuel in the muscle and liver—even more so when followed by whey protein on Shake Days. Insulin becomes more sensitive to plasma glucose—one of the key markers for longevity. Oxidative stress and inflammatory markers are reduced, other hallmarks for longevity. These are the biochemical changes thought to confer longer, healthier living.

The benefit of Shake Days and Cleanse Days is that people achieve dietary goals with exciting results matching those seen in well-designed, published studies on restricting food intake without under-nutrition (calorie restriction) and fasting in animals and in humans. Not only does the program reduce caloric intake, but also provides optimal nutrition and detoxification—with the highest-quality macro- and micro-nutrients, botanicals, and supporting ingredients.

The Isagenix system’s combination of Shake Days and Cleanse Days is intriguing because it encompasses these benefits documented by studies while advantageously providing optimal nutrition and botanicals to assist the body’s detoxification and cleansing process.