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The ‘how’ and ‘why’ of Cleansing:


Isagenix uses a supported Intermittent Fast to help the body Rest, Recover and Repair. The body has the ability to clean itself, but it cannot do this and digest at the same time. In modern Western diets, it’s pretty rare we go more than 2-3 hours without eating something. Digestion is a slow process, meaning we’re basically constantly digesting through the day and night. If we’re not digesting, our body can go about the other tasks it needs to do. Like cleaning itself. Think of it like taking your car in for a service. You can’t drive the car and have it serviced at the same time. So we drive it, then go without for a day while it’s serviced. The harder you drive the car, the more regularly it will need to be serviced. If you don’t service your car, it will breakdown sooner and more regularly.

The Isagenix Snacks® and Cleanse for Life™ are MANDATORY on Cleanse Days and are there to provide the body with nutrients and basic glucose and protein to keep vital organs functioning, without promoting digestion. They are a non-negotiable. e+ Shot and IsaDelight™ can also help with energy boosts and blood sugar stability.

So – this means DINNER the night before a cleanse day MUST BE A SHAKE. Again, digestion is a slow process. You’re still digesting lunch into the next morning. The actual cleansing process doesn’t start until the afternoon of a cleanse day. Having a huge meal the night before a cleanse will mean it’s still being digested all day, and your cleanse day is effectively wasted.

Digestion is a very energy sapping process. It takes around 30% of our daily energy levels just to digest our food. Hence the energy spike people feel on the afternoon of a cleanse day. Suddenly there’s nothing to digest so there’s extra energy available. Conversely this is why after a heavy meal you just want to sleep. This is also why the second day of a two day cleanse is often easier than the first. The body has stopped looking for food and is happy to go about it’s other tasks.

So, while it sometimes seems like a good idea to ‘load up’ the night before a cleanse day to prepare, you’re actually making your cleanse day HARDER and LESS EFFECTIVE. Have a good clean lunch, a good afternoon snack then a shake for dinner. The less in your stomach the night before, the easier your cleanse days will be, and the more effective they’ll be too. Once you feel the results of an effective cleanse day it’s just a mental game.

PS – This is not a pipes and hoses, toilet hugging cleanse. For all newbies, don’t be scared. Speak to your enrolling sponsor about concerns but get in and try your cleanse day ASAP.


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Tips for your Best Cleanse Day:

1. Start with at least 2 Shake Days before doing any Cleanse Days.

Doing at least two Shake Days  can help prepare your body for a Cleanse Day. For example, Shake Days can help ease your body into the Isagenix System better than regular nutrition can.

Be sure to start out with as many Shake Days as you think appropriate before doing Cleanse Days. Shakes can assist with digestive regularity and supporting muscle growth and maintenance and are a great protein source before a Cleanse Day. You must have a shake for dinner the night before Cleanse Days.

2. Designate your Cleanse Days in advance.

Planning ahead is key in successful Cleanse Days. Knowing in advance what days you’ll be cleansing can help you become mentally prepared for them. Be sure to jot them down on your calendar so you don’t accidentally schedule a lunch or dinner with friends on those days.

Before Cleanse Days, take the time to look over your Cleanse Day Schedule and customise it to fit your day, ensuring you will have access to all your cleansing tools throughout the day. Make sure that you are setting yourself up for success on your Cleanse Day. If you have plans for a family dinner at your favorite restaurant, or have a physically exhaustive workout planned, then a Shake Day might be more suitable.

3. Cleanse with a friend or as a team.

Having a cleansing buddy or buddies can help keep you accountable when temptation strikes. You might choose to cleanse with a colleague from work, a family member, or a friend you talk to on social media who lives across the globe. No matter who it is, having someone to turn to for encouragement when cravings hit will build morale and keep you motivated.

4. Plan your Cleanse Day snacks.

You have a variety of snack options available during Cleanse Days. They include up to 6 – 12 Isagenix Snacks®, IsaDelight™ chocolates, up to 2 e+Shots, and 1 serving of Replenish™ (for use during moderate exercise). Be sure to have these on hand to curb cravings before they come. [¼ apple or pear for those with blood sugar challenges]

To maximize the benefits of a Cleanse Day, you want to be wary of adding in too many extra calories. Always listen to your body, however; if you are feeling like a headache is coming on or your blood sugar is low, have an extra snack like an apple slice to help level you out.

5. Clean out the pantry and fridge of “junk food” before Cleanse Days.

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone on Cleanse Days is finding yourself opening the fridge only to spot that leftover chocolate cake sitting next to your bottle of Cleanse for Life™. Don’t let that happen to you! Clean out any junk food in advance.

6. Find ways to stay hydrated throughout Cleanse Days.

Staying properly hydrated is always a goal to aim for daily, but it’s particularly important during a Cleanse Day. Making sure that you are drinking enough fluids, which is about two liters for the average person, can prevent the onset of headaches and other troubles.

Your sources of hydration don’t need to be made up solely of plain water, but can also include diluted amounts of Ionix® Supreme or Replenish (during physical activity). During the colder months of the year, try sipping herbal tea throughout the day. You can even try drinking Cleanse for Life warm, as an herbal tea, to stay a bit warmer.

7. Find ways to stay busy.

Don’t put yourself in the position where you might be tempted to quit your Cleanse Day. Keep yourself busy and the day will fly. That means getting your mind off of the fact that you’re abstaining from food and onto other things like your personal health and wellness goals.

8. Set reminders on your phone.

As busy as you’ll be on Cleanse Days, it might be to easy to forget to take your next allotted Cleanse for Life serving, snack, or glass of water. By setting an alarm or reminder on your phone, you can help be sure to make the most of your Cleanse Day.

9. Engage in light exercise.

You don’t need to schedule any grueling workout. But engaging in any form of light exercise can be a healthy distraction during Cleanse Days. Additionally, the physical activity can be useful for helping to maintain regular bowel habits, support metabolism, and may even help suppress appetite.

10. Finish up Your Cleanse with a Shake.

Right after a Cleanse Day, it’s prime time to flood the body with good nutrition. To take the guesss-work out of what to eat and to be sure you’re supplying your body exactly with what it needs, IsaLean Shake or IsaLean Pro Shake are no-brainers – packed with the high-quality whey protein that is best for stimulating muscle protein synthesis. They also provide the right combination of low-glycemic carbohydrates for energy, healthy fats including “heart-healthy” olive oil, and a complete profile of vitamins and minerals necessary for proper metabolism and cell function to round out their completeness.

Don’t let anything hold you back ~ The last thing that you want on a Cleanse Day is to find yourself improperly prepared or overwhelmed. Planning ahead and leaning on the support of your team can make all of the difference and make every Cleanse Day a success.

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Cleansing FAQ’s: 

The detoxing process can be uncomfortable for people initially. However it is an essential part of the Isagenix program and one of the main reasons it achieves such amazing results for people at every level. The easiest way to decrease the shock of detoxing is to know whats ahead and prepare for what may occur. For most people, detox symptoms will generally be lethargy, headaches, cravings or fatigue. These are all quite normal and will settle once you’ve gone through your first cleanse day. As your body adjusts to it’s new super diet, the brain will still be screaming out for the addictive chemicals it has normally been getting from refined and artificial foods. Once we break the mental reliance on these chemicals, you’ll feel amazing. It just may take a couple of weeks. For most people it’s a few days, some people worse. Make sure you have the support of your enrolling sponsor during these first cleanses and have a look through the other pages on this site relating to cleansing (Cleanse Days). There is enormous support available through our FaceBook group, so if you’re struggling then reach out – everyone knows what you’re going through, they’ve been there before. They’ll be there to help you the whole way.

Detoxing at a physical level can range anywhere from extremely mild (more bowel or kidney movement, slight skin rash, little aches and pains) to very, very intensely uncomfortable. When it reaches the far extreme of intensity, this state of feeling worse than you did before is often referred to as the healing crisis. Usually, a healing crisis should last no more than three days. Although there are definitely things you can do to minimize a healing crisis during detox, there are times and situations where one is unavoidable. This is why I always encourage people to make their health enough of a priority to schedule the first few days of their detox at a time when they can rest more, perhaps even be away from work entirely. Detox symptoms can include skin rashes or eruptions, headaches, bad breath, unusual body odours, dizziness, nausea, feelings of fatigue or even slight depression, gas, diarrhea, colds, ear infection, insomnia, boils, itching, etc. You can experience temporary periods of confusion, and lack of appetite. You may be very thirsty at times.

Why is this good?
Well, assuming the detox doesn’t happen faster than the overall system can handle it, the symptoms indicate that the immune system is working properly, that toxins are being eliminated and that the body is working toward balance again.



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