30 Day Program Outline:

Everybody and every body is different. So speak to your enrolling sponsor to discuss the best cleansing option for you to reach your goals and maximise results. The following document outlines the different Cleanse & Shake options.

NB It is recommended that you complete a total of 4 Cleanse Days throughout your first 30 days. You can decide on 4 Single Day Cleanses, 2 Double Cleanses or 1 Double and 2 Single Days.

PRINTABLE DOCUMENT: 30 Day Program OutlineShake Day


Shake Day Schedule:

An easy to follow schedule for your Shake days. For best results follow the plan as closely possible. For highly active people, those with blood sugar issues or illness, speak to your enrolling sponsor about variations to ensure you have enough fuel on board:



Cleanse Day Schedule:

Cleanse PlannerWhether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cleanser, everyone should cleanse the same way. The duration and frequency of the cleanse days across the month are the only variables.

PRINTABLE DOCUMENT: Cleanse Day Schedule