Autoship vs Placing An Order



Placing an Order:

‘Placing an Order’ is available for you to order any miscellaneous items in between your Autoship deliveries. Once you have Placed an Order via your back office, the items will be dispatched from the distribution centre the next business day.** One off Orders for items needed inbetween your Autoship **

Manage Autoship:

‘Autoship’ is the convenient shipping service that takes the hassle out of ordering by automatically shipping your favorite products, packs and systems to you every month or as often as you like. You can login to your Back Office and modify the cart contents and the dispatch date can be adjusted at any time with the simple click of a button.  Alternatively, you can give Customer Service a quick call and they can help.** IMPORTANT: if you cancel your Autoship you will be paying a higher price for your products through the Place Order option. Being on autoship also means that your account automatically renews every 12 months. If you don’t manually renew your membership after your first year, you will still be able to order, but will be charged retail prices rather than wholesale prices (25% cheaper). 


Autoship vs Place an Order


Autoship is your key to big savings with Isagenix®! There are multiple benefits to being on Autoship as opposed to Placing Orders here and there. Whether you’re happy just taking the products or if you’re keen to build a secondary income, either way being on Autoship means;

  1. You never run out of product because you’ve forgotten to place an order.
  2. You get the lowest possible prices on everything plus Autoship customers receiving an extra 5% off the wholesale price when Placing Orders.
  3. It ensures you always maintain your ‘active status’ by automatically ordering every 30 days.
  4. You never miss commissions from the people below you as your friends & family join you (inactive associates do not earn commission – active associates will have the volume bank below them accumulate until they become a consultant).
  5. People on Autoship earn volume on EVERYONE below them – people Placing Orders only earn volume on people they have personally enrolled. You could be missing $100s – $1000s of dollars.


4 Ways Autoship Helps you Save

Autoship Rewards

View these quick VIDEO TUTORIALS from your Back Office:

  • AS3Getting Started
  • Placing An Order
  • Signing up a New Member
  • Managing Your Autoship
  • Managing Your Website


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You may or may not be interested sharing Isagenix with others, however, it is important for you to know and understand that by ‘staying active’ (minimum of 100BV of product each month), then IF/WHEN you do decide to share, the BV accumulates and banks as points & POINTS = MONEY.

What would an extra $50/$100/$500 a week mean for you and your family?

So, even if you aren’t open to sharing right now, do your health and your wallet a favour by maintaining the minimum 100BV and you shall be rewarded.

100BV** BV / Business Volume – A point value assigned to each product.