Isagenix vs ‘Real Food’

Question: Do you feel that you are getting the same nutrient content from the foods we eat today compared to that of those 50 – 80 years ago. NO… We Don’t… Unfortunately our food is no longer able to provide the full spectrum of nutrients that we require for optimal health. So what are you going to do to fill those gaps to ensure you are getting that nutritional intake?… Because you know what? Your body still needs it. You may eat healthy and you may eat organic, but it’s still not the same as what it was. How do you know what you are deficient or sufficient in? Isagenix is what we choose to fill those gaps. So as far as ‘real food’ goes, we still eat ‘real food’, but Isagenix ensures that we are getting the nutrient value that a modern diet doesn’t and can’t give us any more. The shockingly high levels of ‘chronic diseases’ in our health system speaks for how unhealthy we are as a society.

Isagenix® products are based on the latest science & research in nutrition which identifies & addresses 3 key issues 1. Depletion, 2. Stress & 3. Toxicity ~ this is why so many health professionals and high level athletes are embracing the products.


Science demonstrates that the use of meal replacement shakes & bars into your diet actually improves your micro nutrient levels and decreases the risk of deficiencies. This published study from Nutrition Journal outlines the vitamin & mineral levels in a Real Food group VS a Meal Replacement group over oneyear.

When you consider that we now live in a fast paced, convenience driven world where people are overwhelmed and overworked, you begin to understand the utility of convenience-based foods. If there is not a healthier more convenient option, people will choose the less healthier convenience option over reverting back to an inconvenient more healthy option. In other words, if your choices are a nutrient enhanced protein bar, a chocolate bar or a homemade and prepared chop salad with grilled chicken, a busy time starved person is going to go with one of the two convenience-based options more times than not.

Consider this – In 1953 UCLA did a study on a plot of farm land in California. They reported that 1 bowl of spinach provides all the nutrients and iron that the body needs each day. In 1997 they repeated the same study, on the same plot of land. This time they found it took 47 bowls of spinach to provide the same nutrition! Do you have time to eat 47 bowls of spinach per day? Are your friends who don’t need Isagenix eating 47 bowls of spinach a day?

UCLA Study

UCLA Study

Cide is Latin for death. Like Homicide. HerbicidesFungicides, Insecticides, Larvicides and Pesticides are being sprayed all over our food! These ‘death’ sprays kill all the bacteria on the food, but they also kill all the micro-organisms in the top soil that transport the nutrition and minerals into the plant. So, our foods today are minerally deficient and nutritionally bankrupt. It would take 27 of today’s store bought apples to provide the nutrition of 1 apple from the 1950’s! Do you know anyone that eats 27 apples each day? The average person in today’s world consuming store bought fruit and vegetables will ingest a gallon of pesticides each year… The way we have treated the earth directly effects our ability to regularly and reliably produce nutrient rich food. Even ORGANIC food comes from the same air and the same ground as the rest of our food …. and we all know its massively expensive and its hard to maintain a diet of 100% organic.

NS2You can see more about how Minerals are Down and Disease is Up here.

There are over 300,000+ people around the world who are using the Isagenix system to enhance their health; to eliminate toxins and to replenish their body. Think about it like this: We have 100 trillion cells in our body that are both toxic and deficient. First, our products help to eliminate the toxins; it’s like taking a gentle shower on the inside. Then we flood the body with over 242 nutrients. Believe me your body will thank you.

Isagenix® products are considered all-natural. Organic ingredients are used wherever possible & some ingredients exceed USDA organic standards. The only ‘non-organic’ ingredients used are ingredients sourced from parts of the world that don’t have organic certification systems. Isagenix® spend $100 million annually on quality testing every raw ingredient for contamination and safety. You can read about Isagenix ‘No Compromise’ Quality here.

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