Feeling Hungry?

Feeling Hungry?

The Isagenix lifestyle isn’t about restricting yourself, it’s about respecting your body and feeding it with the best possible nutrition; seasonal produce combined with scientifically advanced meal replacements and supplements. It’s about balance. We’re here to support you fuelling your body with the right nutrition to feel energised and satisfied – not tired and deprived.

FuelIf you are a couple of weeks into your program and you are Feeling Hungry, then consider this.. we are all designed to be fine-tuned V8 engines. Most people starting out are operating a 4 cylinder engine with sub grade 4 cylinder fuel. So imagine this, you come into the program, you’ve got low energy, you’re not sleeping well, performance isn’t what it should be, mental clarity is low. Then all of a sudden BOOM! Within the first few weeks your energy starts to go up, dropping weight and your feeling really good! So this 4 cylinder is getting some pretty high octane fuel now! Your body then decides it’s ready to move up into a 6 cylinder now. So can a 6 cylinder operate on 4 cylinder fuel? Yes! But it isn’t going to be as efficient. This is why by week 2 or 3 of the program you may start to feel hungry. So that means you’ll need to up your fuel content.

So instead of: Shake, Snack, Shake, Snack, Dinner

You might need to do: Shake, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Light Dinner, Shake.

So now your body is getting the extra fuel it needs to drive those extra cylinders. If we want to drive a car faster and longer, we need to give it more fuel. Especially if you’re an active person, trying to lift your performance and activity levels whilst also depriving your body of fuel – is a recipe for failure. Eating less slows down the metabolic fires, and slows down weight loss results. Don’t eat less, fuel your body better.   IsaLean Pro