Please be vigilant about this so we can work together to protect this amazing company and our access to the products that have changed our health:

1. When sharing HEALTH results, the easiest way to stay compliant is to reference either time frame OR amount of weight lost, weight gained or body fat % change. This applies even if you have started or just completed IsaBody.

2. When sharing an INCOME result, make sure you acknowledge what was done to earn the income i.e. sharing the products with people to help them impact their health – THIS is the only thing we get paid for! This is a PROFESSION and requires focus, effort and commitment and we can’t imply otherwise.

3. When talking about the business opportunity, make sure you reference the products EVERY single post.

4. Isagenix is just FOOD which means we can’t state or imply that it cures, prevents, treats or diagnoses ANY medical condition. That said, premium nutrition is a great way to support your body in functioning at its best.

compliance conceptual meter


Take a few moments to review these short Compliance pieces. It’s so easy to get excited and carried away when we’re telling others about how great Isagenix makes us feel but we need to be careful to create realistic expectations.

Compliance Video – Share Isagenix the Right Way [5 mins]

What Can You do to Protect Your Business? [3 mins]