Cleansing FAQ’s

Cleansing FAQ’s: 

The detoxing process can be uncomfortable for people initially. However it is an essential part of the Isagenix program and one of the main reasons it achieves such amazing results for people at every level. The easiest way to decrease the shock of detoxing is to know whats ahead and prepare for what may occur. For most people, detox symptoms will generally be lethargy, headaches, cravings or fatigue. These are all quite normal and will settle once you’ve gone through your first cleanse day. As your body adjusts to it’s new super diet, the brain will still be screaming out for the addictive chemicals it has normally been getting from refined and artificial foods. Once we break the mental reliance on these chemicals, you’ll feel amazing. It just may take a couple of weeks. For most people it’s a few days, some people worse. Make sure you have the support of your enrolling sponsor during these first cleanses and have a look through the other pages on this site relating to cleansing (Cleanse Days). There is enormous support available through our FaceBook group, so if you’re struggling then reach out – everyone knows what you’re going through, they’ve been there before. They’ll be there to help you the whole way.

Detoxing at a physical level can range anywhere from extremely mild (more bowel or kidney movement, slight skin rash, little aches and pains) to very, very intensely uncomfortable. When it reaches the far extreme of intensity, this state of feeling worse than you did before is often referred to as the healing crisis. Usually, a healing crisis should last no more than three days. Although there are definitely things you can do to minimize a healing crisis during detox, there are times and situations where one is unavoidable. This is why I always encourage people to make their health enough of a priority to schedule the first few days of their detox at a time when they can rest more, perhaps even be away from work entirely. Detox symptoms can include skin rashes or eruptions, headaches, bad breath, unusual body odours, dizziness, nausea, feelings of fatigue or even slight depression, gas, diarrhea, colds, ear infection, insomnia, boils, itching, etc. You can experience temporary periods of confusion, and lack of appetite. You may be very thirsty at times.Healthy

Why is this good?
Well, assuming the detox doesn’t happen faster than the overall system can handle it, the symptoms indicate that the immune system is working properly, that toxins are being eliminated and that the body is working toward balance again.



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