Day 31 & Beyond



Isagenix is a long term, flexible solution. Whether you’re looking for weight loss, improved performance, better health or healthy ageing, there is an Isagenix product or pack that can help you achieve your goals. Don’t waste your hard work this month by going straight back to a bad diet, instead, find the products that help you sustain good health for life. You wouldn’t join the gym for 30 days and then stop. Isagenix is a sustainable nutrition system that fits easily and conveniently into your day to ensure optimal long term health and after your initial 30 day program you have many different options depending on your goals.


Healthy Mind

Are you finding it hard to focus on your goals? HEALTHY MIND AND BODY is an online self-development program developed exclusive for Isagenix Associates and Product users. Keep your goals in front of you for 60 days by committing to daily exercises designed to help you achieve whatever you put your mind to. Set your goal of a healthier mind to match your healthier body. Simply log into your Back Office & under the ‘Resources’ tab, click on ‘Go to Healthy Mind & Body’.

To find out more about the program – click here.

If you feel you haven’t reached your goal weight yet, continue with another 30 day cleanse for as little as $12 per day. If you feel you have reached your goal weight and want to maintain your new energy levels, jump into your back office and take a look at the other packs that are available.

For us, Andrew takes the Energy & Performance pack, using the AMPED range first thing in the morning, IsaLean Pro and Recover for breakfast every morning to help kick start the day after a workout, IsaLean bars for a protein packed snack in the afternoons, and another IsaLeanPro shake for dinner – even some extra IsaPro before bed if we’ve eaten a knife and fork dinner. Plus he adds in extra little goodies as well as a tub of Cleanse for Life for a monthly Deep Cleanse of a Single Cleanse day every 2 weeks. Fun Fact – people that have Whey Protein in the morning have greater levels of weight loss than those eating ‘traditional’ breakfasts. Angie prefers to Mix and Match her own pack each month, using the Ionix, Shakes, IsaLean Bars, Fibre Snacks, IsaGreens, Replenish, Vitamins, Omegas, IsaGenesis, a fortnightly cleanse and IsaDelights for full body nutrition and sweet treats.

Don’t forget to check out the other products available in your back office AND Product fact sheets available at ISAPRODUCTAU.COM:

Healthy Drinks:

Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla IsaLean Shake A delicious, tasty, convenient and nutritionally complete meal for under $4. * 24g Grass Fed Whey Protein * 60 essential micronutrients * 11 amino acids * 2 essential fatty acids * 13 Vitamins * 21 Minerals * 7 Enzymes * 6 probiotics * No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.
Chocolate or Vanilla IsaLean Pro Shake  With 36g of undenatured protein in every serve, this specialised meal replacement can help speed up post-workout recovery, boost metabolism, curb hunger, break a weight loss plateau and improve muscle gain, making it ideal for active individuals with high-intensity exercise regimes.
Chocolate Dairy Free Shake ~ VEGAN: Free of Dairy & Lactose ~ A delicious, rich natural chocolate flavour – it’s a balanced meal packed with vitamins and minerals + 24g of plant based pea and wholegrain brown rice protein. Each serve is packed with the goodness of Acai, apple, banana, beet, butternut squash, carrot, kale, pomegranate, pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach.
IsaGreens helps boost your body with 33+ powerful ingredients including chlorella, spirulina & wheat grass & compliment your daily requirement of 3-5 serves of vegetables. The 33+ superfoods in Greens are processed to preserve the potency of phytonutrients. Each serving has the antioxidant value of 20 serves of vegetables.
Replenish A drink powder loaded with a premium blend of essential minerals & vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 & B9 [folic acid], designed to restore energy naturally. It provides fuel for the body without stimulants, artificial colours, dyes or sweeteners.  Replenish™ optimises hydration to help sustain performance & support faster recovery after exercise. [Lemon/Lime or Juicy Orange]

*** Don’t forget Cleanse for Life

Natural Performance Range:

IsaPro™ Whey Protein [concentrate] is a high-quality product that supports weight loss by curbing hunger & keeping you satisfied longer & also supports muscle maintenance. Utilising a low-heat process, this ultra-filtered whey protein maintains its undenatured state, providing protein that is as clean as possible from impurities such as lactose, promoting easy digestibility. [27g Protein – this is not a meal replacement]                                
AMPED™ Power A pre-workout supplement designed to boost performance, increase strength and muscle gains and prime the body for exercise. • Creatine improves your performance by increasing the availability of energy necessary for working muscles & reduces muscle fatigue. • Glycine and L-carnitine provide athletic support during workouts + Can be paired with an e+shot.
AMPED™ NOx A pre-workout shot that supports nitric oxide production, improving healthy blood flow & oxygen delivery to cells.
• Fruit and vegetable extracts support nitric oxide production
• Supports blood flow for delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells
• Prime your body to optimise muscle efficiency and reduce fatigue while working out.
AMPED™ Recover A post-workout drink mix containing a proprietary blend of branched-chain amino acids and L-carnitine to support muscle rebuilding and recovery.
• Supports muscle rebuilding process
• Delivers branched-chain amino acids, which trigger muscle protein synthesis
• No artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.
e+shots A nutrient-packed, naturally-caffeinated energy shot that gets & keeps you active & alert, & enhances performance. e+ contains natural caffeine derived from green tea and yerba maté & a proprietary herbal blend of botanicals, backed by science, that increases energy, stamina & mental alertness


Healthy Snacks:

IsaLean™ Bars packed with premium nutrition that includes a balanced ratio of high-quality protein, healthy fats & energy-boosting carbs. This nutritional profile slows the absorption of sugars into the blood stream making it a balanced snack that reduces cravings and keeps you satisfied for hours.
Milk Chocolate IsaDelights Milk chocolates, fortified with feel-good nutrients & green tea for easy cleansing. Helps curb cravings & improves mood, metabolism & energy.
FibreSnacks!™ A low-calorie, gluten-free snack which will help curb hunger between meals. With no trans fats & 24% of your R.D. dose of prebiotic soluble & insoluble fibre, it also supports healthy blood sugar levels by slowing carbohydrate absorption into the body.                                      
SlimCakes™ Each serving of these delicious cookie snacks are packed with fibre, omega-3s from flaxseed plus antioxidant-rich blueberries and cranberries.                                  



IsaGenesis™; Nobel Prize winning science bringing the fountain of youth one step closer. If you don’t know much about IsaGenesis yet, you need to watch this; ISAGENESIS
Ageless Actives™ To help diminish signs of ageing from the inside out.
Essentials for Men™ and Essentials for Women™ for a uniquly blended, advanced multivitamin.
IsaOmega™ contains omega-3 essential fatty acids to support heart, brain and joint health. Sourced from small fish in deep, Chilean waters, this high-quality concentrated fish oil is thoroughly tested to ensure its purity and safety.

** Don’t forget IsaFlush; Natural Accelerator


Maintain Results

Ageless Essentials


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HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT LOSS [Nutrition Communication Specialist Lindsay Gnant M.Sc., RDN]